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Box Set Performance Pressure

It’s happened to us. After several years of guilt, frustration, and finally, an open and honest talk, my husband has owned up to seeing other series behind my back.

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Pandemic Legacy Review

I’ve recently delved into Pandemic Legacy…We’re not quite half way through and MY GOD are there some game-changers!

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Getting Down with Descent 2: Journey’s In The Dark.

Having a little one is one of the most amazing and¬†rewarding experiences you can have It is totally life changing, and this can be both good a shock to the … Continue reading

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It’s been a while, with teething and returning to work, finding time to get online whilst having the brain power to do anything cohesive has been tough. This post was … Continue reading

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Getting spicy

Been talking this week about introducing babies to spices-it’s difficult to know when to add what, especially with so many weaning guides seeming to play it safe and advocate the … Continue reading

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Is Breast Best?

Written a letter to Mother & Baby magazine: Reading the statistics in your October issue¬†that confidence in breastfeeding has dropped significantly in the UK, I was unsurprised, especially when seeing … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

Probably not the best week to pick to start writing this, what with our latest onset of teething (for baby), a nasty head cold (for me) and lack of sleep … Continue reading

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