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And so it begins…

Probably not the best week to pick to start writing this, what with our latest onset of teething (for baby), a nasty head cold (for me) and lack of sleep (for everyone). Hubby has still managed to get in a few sneaky board games and is currently watching the footie, and last night we cheated and ordered a curry (mademoiselle had a somewhat more baby friendly supper of fruit and rice cakes-did feel a bit mean leaving her out!). Not quite in-keeping with the healthy eating plan I was determined to start (nor was the half bar of chocolate I nibbled through earlier in the day-oops!), although we did go out for a 2 hour walk, so hopefully will stave off Violet Beauregarde-style swelling for another time :S

Today was a bit less disgraceful (though I have been fairly pathetic with my man-flu), having tasty celery horash (made by my mum, admittedly, but I could have made it…):

  • finely chopped onions and lamb strips fried in a little vegetable oil with a tsp of turmeric and pinch of cinamon,
  • then cover with water* and stew with chunks of celery until lamb is tender and celery is soft-the longer the better.
  • Serve with buttery rice. Nom, nom.

*It’s an Iranian dish, so should also include the staples of a dried lemon (you can make these yourself by leaving lemons to, er, dry out (they will rehydrate on cooking), or track them down in an Asian supermarket. Failing that a small splosh of lemon juice should perk it up) and a small handfull of sabzi (this is a dry mix of green herbs, again tracked down in an Asian supermarket, although a pinch of dried parsely or some spinach would work well instead. Sabzi can be quite a strong so may not be to everyone’s taste-and if you can get fresh sabzi it’s even stronger!).

The rice was thoroughly shunned, and meat treated with suspicion (but still having a good go…much like daddy’s strong chedder earlier-brave girl-it was too strong for me!), but the celery was well chomped down on, and the herbs on a spoon enjoyed (everything on a spoon is good since Little Miss has worked out how to use them-though they do need to be pre-loaded). Another plus is that, with plenty of herbs and butter you don’t notice the lack of salt-hurrah! (Although if serving for adults a bit of seasoning at the end does add a certain something!)

After a lovely, squeally bathtime and a bit of a story and feed, Madam went down suspiciously quickly…only to wake an hour later just as I’d sat down with a cuppa. Still, she only wanted a cuddle, bless her. Doesn’t bode well for a good night, though :S

So am now just chilling with my favourite recent tea-scovery: Pukka tea’s night time tea in the hopes that if we get more of the inevitable wake ups some will filter through in the feed to help her drift off. Failing that, I’ll be out like a light, at least!!


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