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Pandemic Legacy Review

I’ve recently delved into Pandemic Legacy with my husband.

I’m already a big Pandemic fan. It’s one of the few games we can crack out at 9:30pm and know there’s a good chance we’ll be done before our youngest wakes at 11 (not every night now, but enough), and if we’re done, the co-op element means that if I fall asleep settling him then my husband can play out the last few turns and we can still get closure on the game.

But the one downside is it can get a little more mechanical/Euro-game feel than the story-fiend in me wants, and the short time frame, whilst excellent for squeezing into short evenings, makes for a lack of progression that can make too many re-plays start to feel a little samey*.

The Legacy version totally blows this away. We’re not quite half way through and there are some serious game-changers. The story progression is brilliant. Every month (how the games are measured) reveals new things that can completely turn our strategy on its head. The science nerd in me is having to cave to military style tactics, but finding the balance is part of the excitement.

I know a few people have voiced concerns over the lack of re-playability of Legacy games, but I feel the additional gameplay elements are well worth the limited run, and besides, there’s no reason you can’t still use the board etc for a standard game, just ignoring the stickers etc. The only part I can’t quite bring myself to embrace is tearing up certain cards-my husband has to do that part-he’s braver than me!

(Edit: Just to clarify, the excitement of opening little windows and boxes more than compensates for my niggles over destroying used up cards.)

I’ll try to update when we’ve finished the game, but so far I highly recommend it as a fun, progressive strategy game to play in short 1-1.5hr bursts.


*Don’t get me wrong-there are a lot of variants with character and strategy choices, plus the random element of card draws etc.



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